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Happy Hour Jams at Brewhemia
i've been reflecting on the events fo the past few weeks and it's hard to get my head around all the blessings that have happened because they have all been wrapped up in very trying times.
i told matt this morning that i have been dealing with any number of physical ailements for the last 6 months.  Most recently, an ear infection!  yay!
I was nervous about my show at Brewhemia for that very reason.  i tried to preserve my voice but we were pretty busy at work and so that didn't really happen.  I was running late getting ready and arrived later than i wanted to but we got to setting up and soon it was time to play.
I am very thankful for Matt and Ashleigh getting some photos to share.  Someday, when i'm an old lady, i'm gonna wanna look back when i was "young" ;)
Such an incredible blessing to get to share my music in new places.  I'll be back in April or May to do it again!

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Are you sure it's February?

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Tonight !

My Comeback!
Last Saturday, i played my first official show since I fell last August and injured my hand.  It was a very long fall and winter as i struggled to recover from my foot surgery and from the fall where i bent all the fingers on my left hand backwards.  I was in a brace for several months which caused me to lose 10% muscle mass in my left hand.  I spent 2 months in occupational therapy, working to regain strength in that hand and to work out the soft tissue damage from the fall.  I still struggle with nerve pain but with stretching, warm ups and KT tape, I was able to put on a pretty fun show.  Mikey was so gracious and excited to have me available to play for his customers.  I am excited to get to to do it again!

 photo IMG_0908 800x533_zps68nypzdk.jpg

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First Fire of the Year

He looks more and more like his dad as each year passes.  I love being his Momma.
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 photo IMG_0924 800x533_zpsrt5v5rzd.jpg

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another week of Sing! Club

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THe kids got out the drums and it was LOUD and AWESOME but i broke a string on my gutiar!  Whoopsie!  So as i restrung it, the kids did the Robot Song.
 photo IMG_0894 800x533_zpssbmyc2he.jpg

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moon, carwash and eagles

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Sing! Club :)

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Photos are fun

Some days life looks like this.  Jack always likes to sit with me on my chair when I practice.
 photo IMG_0733 800x533_zpsnkovmoq4.jpg

It was 50 degrees in February!  I opened the door so jack could enjoy the fresh air!
 photo IMG_0734 800x533_zpsuotvzguj.jpg

 photo IMG_0736 800x533_zpsbo8w4rfk.jpg

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It was a beautiful day!
 photo IMG_0753 800x533_zpsko8u9f2b.jpg

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dental dilemma
Sometime back in march '15, i broke off a filling on my lower back molar on the right side.  I went to the dentist and decided to have it pulled intead of doing the root canal route.  I put it off until a few weeks ago when i started having a lot of pain so i went back and had the tooth pulled on Jan 18th.
I felt like i was recovering fine.  Every few days i would eat something recklessly and irritate the gums back there.   I noticed my glad was swollen but didn't think too much of it.  Friday, at work, I ate some popcorn and tore up my mouth again.  I was really freaked out by how it felt. Part of the gum was swollen and had kind of a weird taste.  I knew i had an appointement on Monday (today) so i didn't really consider calling the dentist.
Saturday, things got worse.  I was in a lot of pain and couldn't really eat anything or even talk without pain.  That sucked.
Sunday morning, I got up early to go pick Holly up from her new job.  She basically had the job before she even went into the interview.  The manager saw her when she dropped off her application and had to do a double take to make sure Holly wasn't a girl that used to work for her...she was one of her favorite employees.  She hired Holly on the spot during her interview and I think Holly is going to really enjoy working there!  She had a giant binder with her to take home and study.  Hopefully, Holly will be able to find a place a little closer to work and also a reliable car.  Things to be praying about....
I dropped her off and decided that since i was up, i might as well head to the trail and go for a run.  I did my 3.1 miles and when i went to get in the car, the key fob wouldn't unlock the door.
We have been having troubles with the fob for a couple weeks...getting in with the key but the car saying there was no key.  I had to get out, lock the car, pop the trunk, unlock the car and get back in and usually it would start.  Now I do realize how none of that actually made the car recognize the key but you do what you have to do....1  2  3 START!
Usually, if i would walk away for a few minutes and then walk back, the fob would work again.  This particular day, it wasn't doing anything.  I couldn't unlock, lock or open the trunk.  Frustrated, I got out my phone and was texting with matt about what to do. he mentioned having Ashleigh come and get me but she has been sick with bronchitis and a sinus infection.  My battery was starting to die.  i told Matt i was going to run back home because i was so cold.  I put out a plea on facebook for someone to come and find me and I started out.  I walked at first but i couldn't warm up so i started to run.  I was almost to the entrance to the fishery when Liz pulled up BLESS HER HEART!
She took me back to see if the car would start.  I called matt and he advised me to warm up the key fob on the heater.  It worked and soon i was heading home.  Matt tore apart the doors to try to find the issue after he and Isaac went to buy a new batter for the fob incase that was the issue.  It wasn't.
I ended up taking a the last of my painkillers from when i had the tooth pulled knowing i had the appointment today.
Jillian stayed home from school today since she was coughing all weekend.  After I took Isaac to school, i set up my "studio" and worked on music until it was time to get ready for the dentist.
When i got there, I only sat a few mintues before i was called by with the hygentist.  I told her about my pain and she said she'd have the doc look at it but first we had a lot to take care of.  She took photos and a bunch of xrays.  She kept bumping my raw gum and i kept flinching.  She kept apologizing.  I was so freaked out that i couldn't even really talk.  usaually when i'm nervous i can't shut up and i just babble on and on.  Today I couldn't hardly make a sound, even when asked questions.
She checked my gums and rattled off numbers to the other lady that was in there helping her.  Then she started talking abot which ones were bleeding.  now i'm really freaking out...and i'm embarrassed because i should have taken better care of my teeth and i don't even know when the last time i had a cleaning.
When she finished up with that, she showed me the photos and talked about what she could tell about my teeth.  She said i had some buildup but she was sure she could get that off with a cleaning.
When it was time to start that part, i was really nervous.  She told me that she would use a tool with high powered water that would help scrape off the buildup.  I tried to just take it but i was so nervous and jumpy about the pain in my jaw.  she kept stopping to see if i was ok.  After the 4th time i flinched she asked if i wanted her to numb the area.  I just kinda shrugged.  She said, "why don't i just go get it" and i started to cry.  She was explaining to me what she was going to do with the numbing stuff and took part of my bib to wipe the tears running down my face.  She said "we want you to come back!"  After it numbed a bit she tried again and still i was flinching.  I think i could have taken it if i wasn't so worried about my jaw.  I think Dr Hingst came in then because she stopped and i tried to get myself together a little.
So it turns out that i have an infection.  She is not sure if it's a dry socket or what.  She put me on antibiotics and said if i'm not better after 3 or 4 days OR if i take all the medication and then the pain comes back, i'm to go in ASAP to have the socket opened and cleaned out.  PLEASE PRAY the antibiotics will work!!!!!
She also said i need to have 3 cavities filled but they are not bad.  She perscriped me some Valium for that appointment and i will also have the cleaning done on that same day.  Might as well since i'll be feeling pretty good by then!
The whole thing was very traumatic but i did take away a few good things....
1.  I don't always have to be "on".  It's ok to be afraid and quiet. I couldn't have joked around and been smiley if i wanted to.  I just had to physically be there and let them do their thing.
2.   I saw an eagle flying and was reminded of my Dad and how a lot of his health issues were probably related to his bad teeth and i was at least getting something done about mine.  I am pleased there are only 3 small cavities as i feared i would just have to get them all pulled out and get some wooden George Washington teeth.    After this next appointment it should just be upkeep after that.
3.  i channeled my trauma into a nice long walk downtown with my camera.
Stay tuned to see those.


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